Reloaders' Reference

A desk reference for metallic cartridge Reloading


My goal was to produce a single reference that contains all the publicly available data for metallic cartridge reloading from documented sources. This meant taking all the free reloading manuals from various companies, along with all the data on their websites and building a database. I also added as many cast bullet loads as I could find from documented sources without using copyrighted materials.   I wanted a system that I could quickly find data in so wrote my code in SQL.  Then other people expressed an interest in it and it transitioned to access so I could incorporate forms instead of Select statements.   The database is currently about a year old and I am happy to say that I believe I have achieved my early goal.

From there, the project has evolved to include other calculations and additional data. Mold specifications and an alloy calculator for the casters in the bunch, Surplus Powder data for those interested in working with the milsurp powders, trajectory tables and Point-blank-range calculations for the hunters, etc...

My hope is that it will continue to grow and evolve. I am currently investigating Coppock's Model of Internal Ballistics and beginning to design ideas for a predictive model similar to that in Quickload.

I need to thank those who have helped along the way, especially the author of Baltraj as his work provided the basis  or the trajectory calculations. 

I hope you find this reference helpful and please do make suggestions for features or lend a hand if you are in a position to do so, I'd welcome the help.